I'm a Freelance Software Developer from India.!

I specialize in building exceptional web based digital experiences that are written in code that's maintainable & easy to understand 

Hey! Nice to meet you.
Hey there, I am Dhruvin. I'm an Indian full-stack web developer with a passion for programming. I deeply care about user experience and have a serious passion for developing impactful web-based digital products. Over the last 4+ years, I've taught coding to 40+ students and developed an application that has scaled to over 5000+ users. I bring to the table sensibility and practicality and strive to put my knowledge to relevance. I can do any web-related task and can help you solve real-world or business-related problems using the web.


  • Vim
  • Figma
  • Vs code
  • Linux (ubuntu)
  • Tmux
  • Netlify
  • Git
  • Digital Ocean

Back-end Development

  • Python
  • Django
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Django Channels
  • Nginx
  • WebSockets
  • NodeJs
  • Expressjs
  • GraphQl
  • PostgresSql
  • Mongodb
  • Redis

Front-end Development

  • Nextjs
  • Reactjs
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Framer Motion
  • Html
  • Sass
  • Scss
  • BulmaCss
  • TailwindCss


Providing plans & services to build small-footprint, nature-based homes

Exhibit 360

Creating distinctive immersive web-experiences that change how organizations interact with their customers and teams

BRAND WINNIE - CEO @ EverwhereCo

Utah, USA

Dhruvin is a great person and amazing developer. Happy to continue working with him on more projects.


What's the average cost of the project?

The final price is directly related to the project scope, timeline, and deliverables. A real project scope, can’t be determined beforehand. Based on my previous projects, clients typically come to me with more than $2000 and less than $15,000 in their budget.

If you want to better estimate, feel free to book a free call with me. On the call, we will discuss your project and identify the specifics. These are things like a number of pages, specific features, timelines, etc. All these things will affect the cost and will vary from project to project. Once we have a clear picture of this, I’ll be able to propose to you a final price and timelines.

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How long will it take to complete my project?

The time taken to complete a project depends on the project scope and its complexity.

From my previous experiences, simple and small websites can take anywhere from 4-6weeks and complex big websites can take anywhere from 4-6months.

The above time-frames are just rough estimates, if you want a more detailed answer to this question let's connect and discuss more your project.

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What different services do you offer?

  • DevOps

For more details on which technologies and tech-stack I use, click here.

Do you also provide design services?

While designing is not my primary area of expertise, I do consider myself to be a good enough designer(this entire website was designed and coded by me).

I mainly do not provide design services, but if you required a website and don't have any designs, I can help you with the idealization and design of the entire website, after which we can start with the development work.

Let’s talk about this over a call. Click here to contact me.


We Connect!

This is the phase where we connect I dive deep into your world and I get to know you. Before we start working together we discuss your needs, the specifics, and the expectations and split up the project into several milestones we both agree on.

Building Phase

Once we come to a common agreement, I will proceed with your awesome project according to the milestones we finalized in phase 1. I’ll be making sure that everything is optimized to follow modern web practices, such as speed, security, reliability, and responsiveness.

Going Live

After I’ve completed the build and double-checked everything alongside your approval, it’s time to launch your awesome project. Depending on the project I’ll deploy everything on CDNs or servers, making sure your web application loads super fast. If you have your own servers, I can also assist you to deploy the project on your server.